eao HMI Systems
Heavy-Duty and Specialty Vehicles
Industrial Vehicles

EAO provides HMI Systems for industrial vehicles, such as robotics systems, conveyors, and other material handling systems meet the need for rugged and durable control.


Material handling equipment conducts a broad range of tasks, and must do so safely and precisely. HMI Systems for these industrial applications have to stand up to repeated and unforgiving usage by different operators for multiple shifts every day. 

The design of HMI Systems for industrial vehicles and equipment involves the following:

  • Real-time operation to detect state changes and take appropriate actions;
  • Deterministic operations to execute a pre-determined and pre-ordered set of instructions;
  • Reliable operation often with redundancy;
  • Safe operation;
  • Rugged construction to withstand the manufacturing and warehousing environments.

EAO provides a variety of components ideally suited for industrial vehicle applications.
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