eao HMI Systems
Medical Equipment and Devices

EAO understands the needs of highly-skilled ultrasound equipment operators, who must be acutely familiar with the HMI Systems in order to perform their jobs competently – especially in the immediate presence of patients.


Ultrasound equipment must feature an ergonomic design that is simultaneously aesthetically pleasing. HMI Systems must include large, high resolution displays that are integrated with a keyboard, cursor/joystick control, along with discrete HMI Components.

The design of HMI Systems for ultrasound equipment involves
the following:

  • Ergonomic operator control panel;
  • High resolution electroluminescent display;
  • HMI Components including illuminated switches, pushbuttons, keypads, membrane switches, etc.;
  • Trackball or other control device;
  • Operating system (Windows, Android, Mac OS, iPad, etc.).

EAO provides a variety of components ideally suited for ultrasound equipment applications.
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