eao HMI Systems

EAO designs and builds rail, bus, and coach operator control and cockpit HMI Systems to exacting ergonomic standards. The goal is to make the interaction between the locomotive operator and the equipment safer, easier, more intuitive,
and productive.


EAO understands the complexity and integration issues associated with rail control systems. The HMI systems found in rail cockpits must perform flawlessly over years of repeated use.

The design of HMI Systems for rail, bus, and coach operator control and cockpits involves the following:

  • Alarm and status signals from a variety of subsystems, including: braking, propulsion, positive train control, surveillance, HVAC, sander systems, etc.;
  • Modules that quickly and easily retrofit cab console panel openings;
  • Forward facing control modules as well as modules for the head-end power (HP) or electric train supply (ETS) consoles.

EAO provides a variety of components ideally suited for rail cockpit applications.
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