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Heavy-Duty and Specialty Vehicles
Heavy-Duty & Specialty Vehicles

Heavy duty and specialty vehicles comprise a diverse assortment of machines that rely upon similar HMI Systems for steering/control, lighting, environmental, safety, emergency, and other functionality.

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EAO is highly experienced in the development of HMI Systems for heavy duty and specialty vehicles, where rugged construction, resistance to dust, dirt, water, and harsh environments, and ease-of-use are critical for safe and effective operation.

Fully-functional HMI Systems in heavy duty and specialty vehicles often require customized control panels suited for the specific application (e.g. forklift, police car). The reliability and dependability of the HMI Systems and Components is paramount as they will have to withstand years of repeated usage. Integration with GPS, performance and safety data systems, and virtual gauges make these HMI Systems particularly challenging.