eao HMI Systems

The use of HMI Systems for industrial machinery applications encompasses both basic, low cost HMI System functionality at the programmable logic controller (PLC) level and high-level HMI Systems with more advanced functionality, including control, monitoring, and even mobile HMI Systems.


EAO is a market leader when it come to developing HMI Systems for machining applications, semiconductor manufacturing, electronics assembly and production, and packaging equipment, especially food and beverage packaging.

The design of HMI Systems for industrial machinery involves many different variables, beginning with the easy-to-use interfaces with advanced visualization. This can be achieved with a set of electro-mechanical components or a more complex integration of display, touchscreen, and an industrial PC. Software capabilities play a major role in industrial machinery that must integrate with manufacturing or enterprise systems. This typically involves communication interfaces, such as CANbus, Ethernet, EtherCAT, and ProfiNet.